Colored Hard Trowel Finishes
Staining & Sealing


Itís true!  Let the image of a plain gray concrete slab be gone forever.  We at Golden Seibert, Co., Inc. are expert in providing some of the most beautiful and distinctive finished concrete floors in the New Mexico market.   

We generally use on of two methods to achieve our goal.  We either have the mix delivered to the site with the color already in the concrete mix.  This is integral color and is the same color though out the mix.  The other alternative is to stain the top of the slab after it has been placed.  The acid staining process gives a much more varied or variegated appearance to the surface.  Which is not to say that our integral slabs are monochromatic.  Our hand applied, hard troweled slabs are burnished in and provide a distinct and varied look all their own.  The hard work of hand (and knee!) application is the key.  And our guys are the best in the business.

We have done projects where we have used combinations of both techniques to provide an even more unique finished product.  The results have been stunning.

The pallet available to most acid staining applications is limited to variations in either brown or green.  This is due to the fact that most stain producers use combinations of copper and iron oxide as the base for coloration.  While the integral color pallet is much broader.  Just imagine a deep, almost burgundy color called Sangria, with rich gray burnished accents.  After one of these floors is sealed and the final floor finish is applied, the results are magnificent.  

Even a plain gray floor can come to life if the initial application was worked properly and the final steps of sealing and finishing have been completed. Some of our favorite floors have been done this way.  A more beautiful and durable surface would be hard to imagine.

The staining option is also a possibility for many old and in place applications. If the surface is in good enough shape, it can be given a new life and a whole new look with an acid stain.  We can combine your imagination with our experience to provide you with a distinctive and unique concrete floor.  Even if you decide on plain old gray.


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