Donít remove and replace a worn concrete slab unless you really have to. Itís expensive.  Itís messy.  And in some cases it may be down right wasteful.

We at Golden Seibert have become quite well versed in various methods of concrete resurfacing and repair.  And while it may be that the solution to your problem may require removal and replacement, it may well not.  It may require the application if a thin new surface layer such as Ardex to provide a new lease on its life.  At a glance it would be hard to tell that the slab is not new.


And the surface we leave behind is even more durable than when the slab was new.  And the application possibilities are endless.  We can repair worn out warehouse slabs or install beautiful new home applications if the condition warrants.  These finishes can be colored integrally (in the mix) or stained after to provide beautiful and unique new spaces.  


So whatever your requirement, tough duty or visually exciting, inside or out, let's talk about the possibilities of fixing it before you decide to replace it. 

Concrete Resurfacing Just Might Be The Answer!!



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