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Thank you for your interest.  We have been serving New Mexico’s concrete and masonry needs since 1985.  Many of our twenty-five employees have been with us from the start and work diligently to uphold the high production and quality standards we have set for ourselves.  Our workload each year includes light commercial projects as well as medium and very high end residential.  Within this market, we always have some very interesting and challenging tasks on the table.  So not only do we install footings, stem walls and slabs, we also provide some of the areas finest examples of hard troweled, burnished finish floors.  These floors are usually colored pieces.  The color being added integrally to the concrete mix upon delivery or acid stained to achieve a more varied and old world appearance.  Either way, after they have been installed and the final floor finish is applied, the results are consistently spectacular not to mention, easily maintained.

Trowel Machine

Finishing Steps

Over the years, we have also become well versed in alternative methods of concrete repair and resurfacing.  If a piece is badly worn and in need of releveling, we’ll normally suggest saving the tremendous cost and waste of removal and suggest the option of a thin bonded layer such as an Ardex product to give an otherwise worn out piece a whole new life of beauty and service.  These topping solutions can also be colored or stained for a beautiful finished piece or left gray if desired.  Either way, the results have been time tested and stand up to the toughest punishment, commercial or residential.

Amvic Installation

Also, in our travels, we have become a distributor of BuildBlockTM, which is an Insulated Concrete Form system (ICF).  We also handle and install other ICF’s such as Rastra and Perform wall and are a very popular alternative to conventional wood framing in the area.  These environmentally friendly approaches to building not only save wood, they are some of the sturdiest most soundproof structures standing.  And being filled with reinforced concrete, they will assuredly be standing for a long time to come.  Just think of an Insulated Concrete Home and the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

It’s been a pleasure telling you a bit about us.  If you have any concrete questions or requirements, please call us as (505) 424-6994 or browse through our website to get more ideas and information about your particular project.  Thanks again.

Scott Golden


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